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Get the Ijaz Malana Apk file to find any music in a simple and completely free app. Ijaz Malana is a music app for Android users filled with music from all over the world. Just search for the name of your favorite singer, band, artist, song or music genre and leave the rest to.

It also has a modified version known as Ijaz Malana Apk which will provide you with many cool features and customizable options to create a personalized experience. You can also create a personal playlist of your favorite songs.

Download Ijaz Malana Apk MOD Download

Enter a whole new musical world filled with all the famous songs and tunes. All you have to do is download the Ijaz Malana MOD APK on your device. To get this software, click on this link:

What is Ijaz Malana Apk?

Ijaz Malana App brings you a personalized music experience that is constantly updated to suit your preferences. Create stations from your favorite genres, artists or songs, or search the app to find new stations based on your mood.

With the modified Ijaz Malana Apk, you can also listen to songs in high quality without a monthly fee! You will also get unlimited reps and jumps. If you don’t get a version of the mod, you will have to pay $5-10 per month for these features. Only a madman would choose the last option. So, get and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Key Features OF Ijaz Malana Apk

The application offers many great features that make it easy and convenient to listen to music. Enjoy all premium features for free Here are the best features of Ijaz Malana Apk:

Download music
The version allows you to download all music for free, which can also be listened to offline. Now you can download any song and easily save it to your device to listen to later anywhere without internet connection.

unlimited jumps and repetitions
Can you imagine how dull and boring it is to not be able to skip a song? With this software, you can skip to the next track whenever you want. With this app, you can skip as many songs as you want. In the same way, you can play your favorite song over and over again!

best quality music
It offers quality music to its customers. The music is free from low quality issues such as buffering, glitches or damping. It gives you the ability to connect with excellent 320kbps audio quality.

Listen without ads
it ensures that no one disturbs or disturbs you while using the app. In the mod version, all ads are blocked, so use the app for free without annoying ads.

it has a huge music library divided into different categories. Sorting makes it very simple and easy to find your favorite songs. Music is categorized by genre, artist, album, etc.

Time to sleep
You can set a time to close the app in case of too much sleep or as a reminder to stop listening to music. Just go to the app settings and turn on the timer. You can choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour.

You can also activate the alarm in this app. How nice it is to wake up every morning to your favorite song? !Music not only allows you to set an alert time like a normal alert app, but you can also select a song in the app to set as an alert. To do this, go to Settings > Alarm Clock.

Without connection
In this app, you don’t need to login. Just open the app on your android mobile phone and you can easily use it without facing login screen or issue. You just need single sign-on when setting up the application.

unlimited access
Ijaz Malana Apk offers unlimited access in several ways. You can stream music from all over the world for free and also download whatever you want. In addition, the number of songs you can listen to is not limited. So, unlimited downloads, unlimited music and unlimited worldwide access.

Additional Information of Ijaz Malana Apk

App NameIjaz Malana Apk
Developer OF Appdesilarkapg
Updated 08 July, 2023

How To Download And Install Ijaz Malana Apk?

Step 1 – Download the file:

Download the Ijaz Malana Apk file from the internet, but make sure you have enough space on your device before downloading the app.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources:

Go to the settings menu, check unknown sources and enable this option.

Step 3 – Open the file:

Go to your Downloads folder and find the Ijaz Malana Apk you downloaded.

Step 4Give Apps Permissions:

Allow apps permissions and start the installation process.

Step 5. Install. In order for the application to work smoothly on your device, install it after granting all necessary permissions.

Step 6: Run the application:

After installing the app, open it and let it run.

Step 7 – Open the application:

This! Now you can open the app and play Ijaz Malana Apk for free on your phone!


With many quality songs and world famous artists, Music regularly appears in the list of the best online music apps. To improve your music listening experience, Ijaz Malana Apk also offers unlimited premium features.

Now enjoy your music, create the best playlists and stay up to date with the latest music releases with the Ijaz Malana Apk!

Keep all your music in one place and start dancing to your favorite songs.

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