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Firstly, on recordings you make, you are allowed to use Alight Motion APK with the necessary highlights and a watermark. Moreover, there are a few paid participation options in the app to remove the watermark and gain access to premium features. There are membership options that automatically renew unless you cancel.

Alight Motion

Variety of Media Types

Alight Motion includes a library of vector forms, as well as custom vector and freehand delineations, as well as multiple layers of designs, video, and music.

Customizable Building-block Effects

Moreover, combine building blocks from our library of over 100+ customizable effects to create an infinite number of innovative and complicated professional special visuals to meet your needs and express your vision.

Alight Motion APK Features

Moreover, Alight Motion has all you require to create professional-quality outcomes directly on your telephone or tablet.

Alight Motion
  • Numerous layers of illustrations, video, and sound
  • Vector and bitmap uphold (alter vector designs directly in the application!)
  • -100+ essential impact building blocks that can be consolidated to make advanced special visualizations
  • Keyframe liveliness is accessible for all settings.
  • Movement facilitates more smooth movement: Pick from presets or manufacture your own planning bends.
  • Gathering and Masking
  • Shading, Tuning, and Adjustment
  • Speed-based movement is obscured
  • Fare MP4 video in H.264 and HEVC, GIF movement, PNG arrangements, and then some
  • Offer venture bundles to move ventures between gadgets or send them to different clients in an editable organization
  • Strong tone, angle, and media fill
  • Stroke, Shadow, and Multi-Border impacts
  • Custom textual style uphold
  • Spare your number one components for simple re-use in future undertakings
  • Completely cross-stage: Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets

Furthermore, make a difference in the world! Hence, Alight Motion is the most innovative motion design tool for your phone, providing professional quality liveliness, motion illustrations, enhanced visualizations, video editing, video compositing, and the best app.

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