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ARBS Mod APK, You can see all the dinosaurs crawl if you travel back millions of years. Swim and fly on the earth. Every huge creature can also engage in combat with dinosaurs. You are allowed to utilize as much as you would want to make combat more interesting and realistic.

Obtain extra weapons for your test goods that can help the opponent defend themselves and deal more damage by earning in-game currency. Harpoons, mechanical weapons, rocket launchers, and potentially lethal weaponry can all be included.

Make absolutely accurate maps that depict these enormous animals’ habitats and make them look like they belong there. With all this beauty, it’s possible for different dinosaur species to collide, with surprising effects.



The best physics-based sandbox war simulator, where you may design and see conflicts between various creatures, such as dinosaurs, humans, mammals, and mythical beasts! You can participate in the fight and exterminate the ragdoll creatures on your own!

Our Animal Revolt Battle Simulator game offers countless gaming options, and we’d like to think that it’s the most enjoyable thing we’ve ever created.


Latest Versionv1.3.0
UpdatedJul 04, 2022
App Uploaded ByVDimension
CategoryFree Simulation Game App


The best physics-based battle simulator is called Animal Revolt Battle Simulator! Watch as two competing armies of various kinds of monsters battle it out in an epic conflict! You can see the monsters’ limbs stretching, necks twisting, and bodies darting all about as they battle!

There is a tonne of different creatures to play with, including T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Tiger, Bear, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Werewolf, Minotaur, Wyvern, Hydra, Spartan Warrior, Archer, Titanoboa, Giant Crocodiles, Hellhounds, Giant Insects, Skeleton Warriors, and many more! Dinosaurs, fantastical creatures, mutated primates, and demonic monsters can all be found here!

Even the animals can be equipped with weapons! A T-Rex with enormous cannons, rocket launchers, and crossbows is what comes to mind.


Various body parts and weaponry can be combined to create a unique monster.

The height of adaptability! Put as many weapons and body parts as you like!

You can save your creations to use later!


Play the campaign mode to gauge your strategic and tactical prowess. Put the proper beasts in the proper positions and give them orders to vanquish the opposition.

The most expensive army does not necessarily win. Different units have various advantages and disadvantages. Utilize this information on the battlefield!


Story of the Game

The war simulator for Animal Revolt has a nice guide like this.

Given that we’d like to think we’ve thought of the optimal time to interact, this Animal Revolt Battle Simulator game offers countless opportunities.

The Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a physical science-based sandbox battle simulator where you may witness and participate in combat amongst a variety of animals, including humans, highly advanced beings, dinosaurs, and even dream monsters. Additionally, you can participate in the combat and detonate the ragdoll animals to obtain some incredible weaponry!


The Animal Revolt Battle Simulator’s models are based on physical principles. It’s conceivable to observe how their bodies change during contractions and how blood leaks from them. Every component is flawed. To make your decisions more effective, use your knowledge.

Your objective should be to always win battles while keeping your animals healthy. Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a highly difficult game that is also a lot of fun and has a lot of repeat potential. The game works on both Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. Additionally, an iPhone app is accessible. The animal revulsion battle game will make everyone smile.


What is ARBS Mod APK?

Now, there are many wonderful strategic games available for you to play in your spare time. You can right now download and enjoy a number of different strategy games. You can currently play some intriguing games that will put your strategic thinking to the test.

You’ll be having a lot of fun right now with all the games that allow you to build an excellent unit and have a good time. Fighting the opposing forces in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator will be a lot of fun. The process of designing, personalizing, planning, and managing your unit will be a lot of fun.

The best physics-based war simulator sandbox to date is Animal Revolt Battle Simulator! Watch as two rival armies of strange animals battle it out in an epic conflict! Legs are bending, necks are twisting, and bodies are flying everywhere as the monsters battle!

There are many different animals to play with, including T-Rex, Triceratops, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Rhinos, Werewolves, Minotaurs, Wyverns, Hydra, Spartan Warriors, Archers, Titanoboa, Huge Crocodiles, Hellhounds, Huge Insects, Skeleton Warriors, and More! Here you can find dinosaurs, legendary animals, mutant primates, and demonic monsters!

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