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ClipClaps ios recognises the value of your time. Sign in, laugh your way through the day with our viral videos, keep up with the latest in your general vicinity with our news section, and stay entertained with our in-app games. All of this without those annoying interruptions that we all know and hate.

ClipClaps IOS

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  • Videos that will make you snicker or possibly make you smile.
  • We have surprises and REWARDS for you every time you sign in to the app.
  • Exercises that are fun and are revived on a regular basis.
  • You’ll get snared in these in-app games!


ClipClaps ios

The app allows the user to make a new clasp by pressing a red record button, or to use photographs or recordings from the device’s photo library. The client can use online media platforms to promote their business. In addition, the client can add channels and effects to the project.

Clips (software)

Apple Inc.’s Clasps is a portable video editing software application. It’s described by Apple as an app for “creating and sharing fun recordings for messages, impacts, designs, and more.”

We have the most up-to-date video content at ClipClaps. Lose yourself in an endless scroll of the craziest, funniest videos, getting happier with each passing second!

Your input is valued at ClipClaps! You have the opportunity to be the ultimate judge in determining the fate of the next viral video. Become the originator of a meme that goes down in history.

You can build yourself up to be a MEGASTAR at ClipClaps! Upload your favourite content and get thousands of views right away!

ClipClaps is the PERFECT community for video content. You can start your journey with us, from creators to viewers, from casual to professional!

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