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Some of you have approached sub for sub on YouTube really work, particularly for those that are hoping to begin a YouTube channel. What’s more, to respond to that question, I asked my old buddy Tim Schmoyer to give me access on his opinion on Sub for Sub.

Does Sub for Sub on YouTube Actually Work? – Sub for Sub

For some of you newbies out there. Sub app is a method that was set up to support sub numbers across your YouTube people group. Essentially, you request that somebody buy in to your channel and you will buy in back to theirs. No surprises. Yet, there are a few things that may not glance as great over the long haul by doing this.

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Both Tim and I are affirmed by YouTube in Audience Growth, and when the inquiry emerges inside our circles, the appropriate response is consistently… no. For Tim, he said that he has never observed it work. It isn’t what you need to do to develop your channel since you’re not requesting that watchers buy in light of the fact that they care about you, your recordings, or your substance. On the off chance that you are buying in to a channel that you don’t want to watch, at that point there are no remarks, no commitment, and no incentive to the discourse that is going on around that video.

I need to concur with Tim on this. Sub app isn’t simply to get a number. It’s about watch time and in the event that your supporters don’t watch the recordings on your channel. At that point what is the point? Individuals that really invest a great deal of energy doing remarks and investing time with their crowd. This constructs their networks like Facebook or a Google+ people group… even a discussion. At that point you understand what individuals like to watch and post video content that will draw in others to buy in to your channel.

There is actually no solid association with causing this to become your YouTube channel on the off chance that you have 50000 endorsers and just 10 of them see your recordings now and again. Furthermore. If your locale is just contemptible about remarking and connecting back with you. At that point your channel will sit and go deteriorate.


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