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Evil Apples Mod APK Latest v5.2.3 Free Download For Android

In the adult game Evil Apples Mod Apk, you must use a card to respond to a concept or point of view. The judge then selects the best response. A particularly inflammatory game geared toward an older audience is called Evil Apple.

You must assemble a large group of pals for this social game, but every one of them must serve as a judge.

Evil Apples Mod APK

What is Evil Apples Mod Apk?

Play the card game Evil Apples Mod Apk online with gamers from all around the world. Based on the well-known card game Cards Against Humanity, which is only suitable for adults, comes an intriguing game.

In order to finish the set on the first card, you must choose a card from your hand each turn in Evil Apple. The previous round’s winner, who also chooses the subsequent winner, plays the opening card. An entirely themed and dark humor game goes by this name.

With more than 3,500 cards waiting to be played, there is a wide range of possible responses. However, it will be enjoyable and you will have a wonderful time regardless of which card you play. The winner is the first person to score seven points.

A fun online variation of Cards Against Humanity is called Evil Apples. Either friends or strangers can play. Even better, use your imagination to come up with your own comments!

Evil Apples Mod Apk Features:

Fun Gameplay – Enjoy this fantastic card game for several players by downloading it right away! Throw cards with a certain phrase to begin the game. The opposing player then tosses his card, which contains a reply.

The prize is then awarded after one of you selects the card with the greatest message. Keep in mind that you must be unpleasant and maintain your filthy and ludicrous thoughts in order to win a game of dirty comedy. Play this game with your friends, have fun, and win.

Many cards – The game provides players with thousands of cards because it is a card game. You must select the game with the most gorgeous and bizarre message cards if you want to wow the judge.

You can eliminate cards you don’t like and change other cards’ text. Fortunately, the game enables quick access to more cards that will aid in the victory. Make good use of your cards, have fun in-game, and take advantage of all the games the game has to offer!


NameEvil Apples Mod APK
Latest Versionv5.2.3
UpdatedJul 06, 2022
App Uploaded ByEvil Studios Limited
CategoryFree Tool App

Stable Server – The ability for players to speak with other players from all over the world has helped the game gain a lot of popularity. The interactions between people from diverse areas as well as the romantic and malicious chats are fantastic!

This application runs on extremely effective servers with little downtime. GPS can be used to interact with those in your vicinity. Connect with other players in this game by SMS, Facebook, or Twitter chat.

Easy controls – It is not necessary to be a skilled player to enjoy this game. The UI for the game clearly displays the game controls. Tap, drag, and drop the desired card to start a game of cards. You can also select to play random, intelligent, or dumb payouts.

Colorful Graphics – The graphics enable fluid gameplay even when text cards are used in place of letters in the game. Landscapes such as riverbanks, enormous sand deserts, green backgrounds with trees, and so forth are used to color the background.

Unlimited Coins – Players in this game also receive an infinite supply of gold money. More coins will be collected for you the more victories you have over your rival.

Main MOD Features:

  • Over 6,000 answer cards and 1,000 question cards total! Don’t bother!
  • Play online games against friends or random players!
  • The in-game chats will surprise you, so keep calm!
  • Cards you don’t like can be discarded.
  • Add placeholders with completely customized text.
  • To play additional cards for your buddies, unlock expansion packs.

Choose the best answer to the question or idea asked

apk mod for evil apples Because you have to respond spontaneously at the beginning of the game, the mechanics are quite straightforward. When it is their time, one player must act as the judge while the other three search for the best response.

To do this, each player needs a hand of cards that they can play in accordance with the hand’s position. For instance, I believe everything on Tinder appears to be going well until… and you simultaneously answer from the map. Who had the greatest fun and who receives that point is determined by the judge.

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