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The official version of Mobile Legends Bang (MLBB) can be challenging for novice gamers, often turning into a daunting experience as they struggle to succeed in the battleground. However, abandoning this excellent game is not an option for them. Faced with this dilemma, players have two choices: invest money in the game or explore third-party software. The former is economically impractical, while the latter, although not illegal, is a cost-free alternative. Considering the preference not to spend money on gaming items, the choice becomes clear. This is where Fakecez Modz comes into play—an altered version of MLBB that provides players with a free and modified gaming experience.

Fakecez Modz APK

Fakecez Modz ML is the latest version that provides all the essential features you need. From Skins and Drone Views to ESPs, FPS, and Player Skills, everything is at your fingertips. With these premium attributes, you can pursue your dream of becoming the champion of MLBB, all without any cost. If you are accustomed to using such unofficial applications, consider uninstalling the older versions. Download Fakecez Modz or similar mods from our site, such as Worst Gaming. Additionally, there are various mod tools and apps available for many MOBAs, including MLBB and FF.

Features of Fakecez Modz:

  1. All Skins: This mod ensures an endless supply of ML Skins for free, allowing you to choose any for your avatars.
  2. Drone View: The mod provides a flexible drone camera that can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing you to increase or decrease its ranges using the arrow keys.
  3. Player Skills: You can detect Player Line, Distance, 360 Alert, and more, enhancing your responsiveness in the game.
  4. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP): Gain information such as Box Line, Size, Top and Right Positions, Distance, etc., giving you an advantage over your opponents.
  5. Frames Per Second (FPS): Enjoy multiple options for FPS, including 60, 90, and 120, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  6. Free to Use: Fakecez Modz is free of cost, requiring no subscription or registration for its services.
  7. Latest and Modern: Unlike other mods, it is aligned with the new version of MLBB, allowing you to experience the numerous features present in the official game.
  8. Simple Gameplay: The storyline and theme of this ML Mod are similar to the original game, making it easy to navigate due to the unlocked premium items.

Tips for Player Use:

  1. Rename your OBB file to preserve your OBB data when installing the APK modified file.
  2. Enable third-party installation sources.
  3. Ensure you have installed the latest APK file and ML game version.
  4. Avoid using your main account if the app is new to you.
  5. Limited use of cheats will ensure your safety.


NameFakecez Modz APK
Latest Version7.9
UpdatedNovember 21, 2023
CategoryFree Tools App
APK FileFree Download


Finally, to embark on your journey with Fakecez Modz, download the game and commence your gameplay. However, post-installation, you will be prompted to input a Login Key. Access the application, and on the Login Screen, utilize the “GET KEY” icon. This action will redirect you to a page revealing the correct password. Simply copy and paste that code to successfully log in.

For easy access to game features, use the left floating window to activate or deactivate them. This allows you to initiate MLBB matches in a customized and enhanced manner. Are you intrigued by the Fakecez Modz ML APK? If so, acquire the APK file from this page, completely free of charge.


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