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How to use Nova Launcher to become an Android superstar

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Burnt out on gazing at the normal, worn out home screen? In the event that you have a cell phone running Google’s Android working framework Nova Launcher.

How to use Nova Launcher to become an Android superstar

uplifting news:

You don’t need to endure the dreariness any more. Android upholds what are known as outsider launchers, custom applications that supercharge your home screen with new highlights, topics, and enhancements.

There is a really huge rundown of launchers to browse, however scarcely any approach the degree of clean and adaptability of Nova Launcher, a free (and alternatively paid) Android launcher for all gadgets running Android 4.0 and more current.

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and application cabinet, the looking over rundown of application symbols ordinarily open by swiping up on your telephone’s home screen.

In any case, on the default settings, you won’t notice much in the method of progress — that is on the grounds that Nova Launcher adheres to a genuinely vanilla interpretation of Android’s home screen. Yet, there is a ton Nova Launcher can do that isn’t quickly self-evident.

Try not to like the shape or style of application symbols?

It’s anything but difficult to trade them out. Exhausted of the change movements between home screens and applications? Simply pick various ones. How? We will talk you through a portion of the primary concerns here.

Selecting Nova Launcher and getting started

Nova Launcher (free) vs. Nova Launcher Prime

Selecting Nova Launcher and getting started

First of all: You need to download Nova Launcher so as to utilize it. Introduce it like you would some other application by making a beeline for the Google Play Store, where you will confront your first critical choice: Whether to agree to the free form of Nova Launcher, or spring for the paid rendition — Nova Launcher Prime ($5).

What’s the distinction between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime?

It comes down to customization. Nova Launcher Prime lets you allot motions (e.g., squeeze, twofold tap) to applications on the home screen, and includes uninitiated checks — little overlay identifications that demonstrate uninitiated messages — over the launcher. You likewise get custom cabinet gatherings, which let you make new tabs or organizers in the application cabinet; an alternative to conceal applications from the application cabinet; custom per-envelope and per-symbol swipe signals; and an extended rundown of parchment impacts.

It’s a ton to consider, however here is our suggestion:

Unless there is a Nova Launcher Prime element you don’t figure you will have the option to live without, attempt the free form first. Run it through its movements and check whether you like it and on the off chance that you end up knocking toward its impediments, think about creation the buy.

Then again, think about purchasing Nova Launcher Prime and attempting it for a day. In case you’re not persuaded, request your cash back — the Google Play Store lets you discount any application buy made under 48 hours prior.

Getting started with Nova Launcher

Getting started with Nova Launcher

Since Nova Launcher is introduced, you need to set it as your default launcher. In the event that your telephone is running Android 7.0 Nougat or fresher, discover the Apps sub-menu (it will rely upon your telephone) and tap the Settings gear-tooth symbol in the upper right-hand corner. From that point, look down until you see Home application, tap it, and pick Nova Launcher from the rundown.

In the event that your telephone is on any rendition of Android between 4.4 KitKat and 6.0 Marshmallow, the cycle is marginally unique. When you’re in the Settings menu, locate the Home sub-menu, tap Advanced, and select Nova Launcher from the accessible decisions.

On telephones running pre-Android 4.4 KitKat, there is no home screen selector in the Settings menu. You need to make a beeline for the Settings menu, tap Apps, swipe to the All tab, and look down until you locate your present launcher. Tap on it, and afterward hit the Clear defaults button close to the lower part of the choice screen. At that point press your home key, and select Nova Launcher from the choices introduced.

Some Android producers make it a smidgen more hard to change your default launcher than others.

  • On most Samsung gadgets, take a stab at making a beeline for Settings and tapping the Applications alternative. Search for Default Applications, and select Home Screen from the rundown.
  • Huawei telephones with Emotion UI (EMUI) shroud the setting in a sub-menu. Open the Settings menu, tap Apps, look down to the Advanced catch, and tap the Default application settings. On the following screen, select Launcher and pick Nova Launcher from the rundown.
  • On Oppo telephones running ColorOS, you’ll discover the launcher selector in the Additional Settings menu. Tap Default application, at that point tap Home.
  • LG telephones consign the launcher choices to a unique Home Screen menu. Open Settings, tap Display, and look down to Home Screen, and select Nova Launcher from the rundown of decisions.

Whenever you have changed your default launcher to Nova Launcher, you get an invite message that will walk you through the essential topic set up.

Tweaking Nova Launcher’s Appearance

Tweaking Nova Launcher’s Appearance

On the off chance that you never utilized Nova Launcher, you may be astounded by how comparable it looks to Android’s stock home screen. The essential customization choices aren’t too unique — tapping and long-pushing on the home screen pulls up a three-button menu that lets you change your home screen backdrop, embed gadgets, or dispatch the settings menu. One convenient contrast is a home screen selector button close to the head of the screen; choosing it reassigns the default home screen to whichever one is as of now in see.

Tapping on the Widgets button raises a rundown of gadgets from the applications you’ve introduced, and tapping and hanging on any of them lets you arrange them on the home screen.

However, you will see something other than what’s expected when you press and hang on a gadget. When you lift your finger.

you get an accordion menu of four diverse menu alternatives:

Remove, Resize, App data, and Settings.

  • Eliminate erases said gadget
  • Resize expands the length or potentially width of the gadget
  • Cushioning thickens or diminishes the gadget’s outskirts
  • Application information pulls up the gadget’s relating menu in Android’s Settings screen.

You can utilize these alternatives to change your gadgets to fit whatever plans you have for your home screen.

Work area Settings

The Desktop menu lets you alter the format, scroll, page pointer, and the sky is the limit from there. Inside the Layout menu you can tweak the size of your home screen.

Tap on Desktop matrix and you get a spring up outline of your house screen’s design. Sliders on the left and right include or take away lines and sections. Need a super-thick 12-by-12 matrix of application symbols, or a cleverly little in pairs one? The decision is yours. A checkbox close to the base switches off the house screen’s snap-to-framework highlight, giving you more noteworthy opportunity in situation.

Nova Launcher’s Icon format menu plunges into application symbol plan. You can change the general size, yet additionally flip the presence of the content names underneath them. An advancement slider allows you to increment or lessening their size, and checkboxes let you include a drop shadow, a multi-line wraparound, and change to an alternate textual style tone and styling.

Whenever you’ve changed the Desktop and Icon design settings however you would prefer, you’re prepared to move to the following barely any settings.

Width cushioning and Height cushioning change the separation of the house screen’s fringe from the screen outskirt — the bigger the cushioning, the further from the screen your easy routes and gadgets will be. Tireless pursuit bar and Search bar style let you wreck around with the Google search bar that is introduced naturally on some Android telephone lock screens. You can flip it off, obviously, or bounce into the Search bar style menu and pick between four diverse bar styles and six distinctive Google logo styles.

Next up: Scroll. On the off chance that you’ve become exhausted of the progress activity you see between home screens, attempt one like Cube, which reconsiders your home screens as appearances on a computerized 3D shape, or Card stack, which gradually blurs in the following home screen from the foundation as the past one slides to one side or right.

Then again, you can pick backdrop looking over, which applies a parallax impact to your telephone’s home screen. (In the event that you’ve chosen an appropriately wide backdrop, you’ll see it “move” as you progress between home screens.) Or there’s boundless parchment, which “transports” you back to the furthest left home screen when you swipe past the right-most home screen (and the other way around).

Additionally, take a stab at meddling with the Page Indicator and New applications settings. The previous lets you change the plan and shade of the spots at the lower part of the screen, which demonstrate which home screen is in see.

The last permits you to cripple the Play Store’s (occasionally irritating) propensity for naturally adding application alternate ways to your home screen, yet just somewhat — you need to incapacitate the relating Play Store setting to keep away from blunder messages.

Plunging into the Desktop menu’s Advanced settings uncovered significantly more choices. You can permit resizing of gadgets on top or underneath of application alternate ways (with the goal that they cover). You can bolt the home screen to forestall changes (convenient whenever you have it how you like it), and flip a shadow at the top and lower part of the screen.

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