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How to Use Telegram Apk For Android v8.7.4 Free Latest Version

With the news of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, everyone’s attention will be drawn to different informative apps. Moreover, It’s not surprising that Telegram is gaining a lot of attention because of its excellent UI and diverse features.

How To Use Telegram apk

The wire is more than just an informed customer; it allows customers to participate in mystery chats that are jumbled from beginning to end for added protection. You can also share more than just photos and videos using Telegram, which allows you to relocate archives or transmit your current location to a friend with a single tap. The best aspect is that it is completely free and has no advertisements.

Step by Step Create Profile

Here’s how to get things set up if you want to start using Telegram to message your friends.

  • Introduce the Telegram apk for Android. Look for Telegram on either the App Store or Google Play. Introduce the application by using the paper aircraft logo.
  • Please enter your phone number. You’ll be prompted to input your phone number after you’ve flipped through the welcome page. The wire will give you an instant message with a four-digit code to verify that the number is yours. To continue, enter that code into the program.
 numder Use Telegram apk
  • Include your name as well as a photograph. Clients may create their own profiles on Wire, complete with names and photos. To continue, enter this information.

Telegram Apk Profile

profile Use Telegram apk
  • Use Telegram to find a new friend. If you provide the program access to your address book, Message can search your contacts for friends who use the Telegram apk. When you hit the Contacts tab in the bottom left corner of the screen, Telegram will display you a list of your Telegram-using friends, followed by contacts who haven’t yet downloaded the app. By pressing on a friend’s name who does not yet use Telegram for PC, you may send a welcome to join a visit.
 conversation Use Telegram apk
  • Begin with a conventional presentation. To start a new conversation, choose a partner who has a Telegram account.
 chat Use Telegram apk

Send a photograph, a Web image, a video, an archive, a contact, or a map of your current location. Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram allows you to communicate a wide range of data to your friends. Select the type of data you want to communicate by tapping the paperclip icon next to the discussion content area. You have the option of taking a picture or video right away or selecting one from your library.


There’s also the option to hunt for a photo on the Internet, which displays a search box with just picture results.

 files Use Telegram apk

If you want to share your current location with a friend, go to the Location option and approve that application’s access to your current location. There’s also the option to exchange documents and contacts, which comes in handy when you need to send a document or pass along someone’s information.

  • Begin a mysterious conversation. Select the option that reads New Secret Chat from the Contacts page, and then type in the name of a friend. You can provide essays, media, and reports just as you would on a regular visit.

In a mystery conversation, press on your companion’s name at the top of the screen > hit the Info button > and select the Self-Destruct Timer option. Choose one second, two seconds, five seconds, one minute, or 60 minutes, at any time, or throughout the week.

Telegram X Apk

Change the basis of your visit. You can choose a photo for your visit foundation in the Settings tab at the bottom right of the app. The message offers a large library of images to choose from, allowing you to customize the appearance and feel of your visits. Hence, There’s also the option of using a photo from your photo collection as a foundation for a more personal touch.


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