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Mir4 apk is a pretending game where you play as an Asian hero traversing incalculable sensible scenes. Complete the missions shared with you or investigate the guide at your will. In this universe, there’s dependably one more assignment to finish, and each experience is more invigorating than the last.

No ifs, ands or buts, the 3D illustrations in MIR4 are fabulous. Because of Unreal Engine, you can appreciate lovely 3D scenes with beautiful subtleties and surfaces. You can even zoom in and pivot the camera while moving your personality to get the best perspective. Obviously, you’ll require a strong Android cell phone to run the game without slack.

Mir4 apk

As a MMORPG, as you advance through the guide, you’ll meet different clients with whom you can exchange and frame collusions. To move your hero, tap on the virtual joystick on the left half of the point of interaction. On the right side, tap the buttons to execute splendidly energized assaults.

MIR4 is a genuinely vivid involvement in huge loads of qualities. From shocking designs to a world loaded up with endless characters and articles ready to be found, this tremendous world will keep you snared. All things considered, you’ll have to try sincerely to beat levels and rout your foes to declare your control over the realm.

New Magic Stone and Clan Sanctuary framework added!
Power up with new things and get buffs for your faction individuals!

★Key Features

Fighters, which way could you pick in the place where there is MIR?

Could you like a shiny new heart beating experience?
Maybe carry on with a serene life through hunting and assembling?
Or then again even take up arms against different heroes and families to overcome over all.

Depend on your instinct and pick your way.
This is the place where your story starts… MIR4.

*Excellence and polish of Oriental development
Experience the exquisite style of oriental hand to hand fighting joined with continuous liquid battle movements.

*All ways lead to your development
Each exchange has its lord! Worn out on hunting? Take a stab at get-together or mining.
Every one of your exercises in MIR4 will at last reward you with character development.
Your time and exertion spent in-game never goes to squander!

*Man-made intelligence framework directs and forestalls false exchanges
Modern AI framework distinguishes and forestalls bot ranchers and unusual exchanges, giving a sound and safe exchanging climate for all Warriors MIR4.

*Free Looting
Uncommon Free-for-All plundering situation where anybody has the privilege to guarantee plunder.
Know about others while endeavoring to plunder!

*Blue Dragon Statues and Token of the Ancient Dragon, prizes from your experiences inside the place where there is MIR.
Your time and exertion in Mir4 apk yields extraordinary prizes!
Different undertakings and substance in MIR4 will liberally remunerate you with Blue Dragon Statues and Tokens of the Ancient Dragon!
Gather these compensations to exchange for chivalrous things


NameMir4 apk
Latest Version0.300036
Developer أبن الزهراء
CategoryFree Role-Playing Game
APK FileFree Download

*From my fight to our conflict, Castle Siege.
Unlimited undertakings to beat my restrictions,
Confronting the difficulties of life and demise close by clanmates.
Form a legendary tale through incalculable wonderful fights.
Toward the finish of your victory, the most grounded Clan will be conceived!
For your Clan’s honor and your inheritance, start your conflict now in MIR4!

Official Site:

«Application Access

For giving a quality gaming experience, MIR4 require authorization recorded underneath.

[Required Permission]

  • Photograph Album and Camera: For catching and transferring pictures for ingame profiles.
  • Mouthpiece: For example party voicechat.

[Step by step instructions to Change Permissions]

  • Subsequent to grinding consents, you can arrange or disavow authorizations by following advances.
  • Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > MIR4 > Select Permission Settings > Permissions > Set to permit or deny
  • Beneath Android 6.0: Upgrade the working framework to change settings, or erase the application.
    *In the event that the working framework variant is lower than Android 6.0, you can’t change consent settings for individual applications. We prescribe moving up to 6.0 or higher.


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