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Poke Fairy is a free system game for Android. The informal game highlights collecting Pokemon and traversing unmistakable areas. Additionally, it incorporates interesting level movement, improvements for Pokemon, and an esteem framework.

DeveloperArthur Fagundes Prado
CategoryFree Role Playing GAME
Installs100,000+ Free Download

Comfortable Gameplay with Big Changes

Players must first register for a player account. They can create a record using their Facebook or Google accounts. The Poke Fairy gives workers the determination to either pick a densely populated worker or a more loose and delicately populated one. Perhaps the most disillusioning highlight of the game is the misrepresentation of the first Pokemon game. Players are required to complete the instructional exercise before gaining the ability to make decisions.

Poke Fairy APK Download

Entering a checkpoint consumes a measure of energy, or “VI,” like finishing a fight, no matter the occasion, or gathering an important asset like a Pokeball. The movement in this game can be excessively quick, however, because of the flat energy impediment and tedious level crushing. It feels all the more like an errand instead of a great cycle compared with the first Pokemon game. The fights in this game feature the turn-based mechanics that are common to all Pokemon games. Some Pokemon just show up at a specific time.

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The collectible Pokemon in this game highlight Generation 1 Pokemon or more. Finishing fights or errands likewise remunerates players with assets to help them develop. By selecting “mop-up” that burns through tickets, players can both challenge coaches and earn additional awards. Crushing coaches likewise open their Elite mode for extra trouble and rewards. They explore through a guide with checkpoints as opposed to having the opportunity to go into various areas. A few areas and game functionalities are locked until a specific level is achieved. Players pick up a level by playing out a few assignments that can be gotten to and perusing the UI. Leveling at the early game stage is exceptionally snappy, players can pile up additional energy, experience, and other things without any problem. In the beginning phases, foes are anything but difficult to vanquish. The level-up framework is altered for extra ongoing interaction mechanics. Players need to “break” a few toy reproductions of Pokemon to pick up extra details. Similarly, fights can be avoided if the odds are not in favor.

The Rebirth framework permits players to trade Pokemon for a restricted sum. The game highlights in-app purchases called “Revive.” It gives pay-to-win administrations like rerolling for the lottery draw, diminishing the commencement clock, additional energy for exercises, and different accommodations. Players are allowed to redesign their standard record to various VIP levels with the goal that they can profit by rewards like extra things, limitless utilization of Pokemon Center for reestablishing the gathering, lottery possibilities, free mending, and additional companions space and that’s just the beginning.


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