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ShareMe for Android is used by a large portion of us, and WhatsApp is by all accounts one of the most cost-effective arrangements, despite its drawbacks, which implies you must have a good Internet connection.

ShareMe For Android

Below are some of the angles touched:

Furthermore, if you move using the traditional method, you may lose quality, particularly if it is a picture or video.

If you have both phones nearby, a file transfer application is a good option in this situation.

With over one hundred million downloads, Xiaomi’s ShareMe app (formerly known as Mi Drop) is one of the most popular file transfer apps on the Play Store.

This app uses Wi-Fi Direct to share documents between phones, and it’s also useful on workstations and computers.

You can use ShareMe to transfer files between different brands of phones.

As a result, in today’s post, we’ll see how to use Xiaomi’s ShareMe app to transfer documents and data between Android phones.

ShareMe, how to use the Xiaomi app to transfer files and data on Android

You don’t need to search for a specific type of record because all options are available right on the landing page. There’s also a decent quest box where you can look for record names or types.

ShareMe, how to use the Xiaomi app to transfer files and data on Android

Stage 1: If this is your first time using the ShareMe app, you should grant it access to your photos, documents, and other media content on your phone. At that point, you should decide on a symbol and a name for yourself. Despite the fact that ShareMe assigns a name to your gadget automatically, it’s a good idea to give it a personal touch to help with the gadget search later.

Stage 2: After you’ve set up all of your consents, tap the Send button and select the documents you want to send. You can, however, send melodies, archives, and other sound files as well. You should just look at the top lace.

After you’ve chosen your records, tap Send. Then, on the other phone, set the mode to Receive after completing a similar procedure.

On the other hand, you can use the Scan QR Code catch to look at a noteworthy QR code. In situations where there are an excessive number of telephones, this progression is generally beneficial. Furthermore, it takes less time.

Stage 3: In the event that the phone is nearby, the beneficiary’s symbol will appear on the “radar.” Simply select it, and the transaction will begin at light speed. Okay, I went a little further, but trust me when I say it’s quick.

When the exchange is complete, simply click the small Cross/Cancel symbol in the upper left corner to complete the transaction.

Note: While ShareMe allows you to send total envelopes and various documents, it does not allow you to send documents and reports to multiple people at the same time.


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