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There is a smart applock For PC Is it true that you’re tired of looking over your shoulder to see if a nosy relative or a bugging peer is looking at your messages or messages while you’re on the phone?

Smart AppLock For Pc

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve started using Android apps on your PC via an emulator and want to make sure no one is looking at your Snapchat or WhatsApp messages while you’re away from your computer. You know, there’s a simple solution to these problems. There is a solution!

Security for every one of your applications.

Smart AppLock For Pc is a critical application if you value your security, with nearly 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone and a large number of active clients consistently.

It’s a novel concept that should be included in Android as a built-in security feature. Smart AppLock on PC, on the other hand, will keep you safe until that happens.

savvy, correct?

AppLocker for Windows

Do you want to limit the types of applications that can be installed on your computer? Application Locker is a simple program that prevents the opening of certain programs.

Application Locker is ideal for parents who want to limit their children’s computer use or simply keep certain programs out of the hands of other users. It’s only good for locking. You can’t use it to lock the control panel because it’s an EXE file, which is a shame. Firefox and Internet Explorer, on the other hand, can easily be locked, limiting internet access.

Application Locker has no security, so anyone who opens it can access the locked programs. It will work, however, if you install it with administrator rights on your PC and set it to only allow administrators to use it.

This works well for alerting users that they shouldn’t be using a particular application. It includes a help PDF, but it is quite uninformative! You can add an application to the lock list by simply pasting the.EXE filename, which is simple to do, but you cannot search for applications to add.

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