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If you’ve ever traded Snapchat support numbers back and forth with a friend for more than a few days, you’ll notice that a fire tally will appear that tracks how long you can keep that streak going.

snapchat support number

This feature, known as Snapstreaks, is so addicting that users will send Snapchat support emails if they accidentally miss a day and break the streak. These streaks, which can number in the hundreds for the most devoted Snapchat support clients, have come to signify a special commitment to relationships, regardless of physical or emotional distance.

The Verge investigated the “tenacity” of these Snapstreaks in the latest scene of its digital recording, “Why’d You Push That Button?” The Verge spoke with a few dynamic phone number for snapchat support clients, including one undergrad who said her only contact with an old secondary school friend was through Snapchat, where they have a dash of 880 days and counting.

“I believe Snapstreaks are a true sign of your kinship,” the undergrad speculates. “Now and then, when I’m in a battle with my friends, they deliberately ignore the Snapchats I send them to break our streaks, so I realize they’re upset with me rather than saying anything to me.”

Snapchat APK

The Snapchat support phone number was first added to Snapchat in April 2015, and it is spoken to with a fire emoticon and the streak counter on the Snapchat login.

Additionally, the website has an instant structure for people who need to tell Snapchat that their streak has vanished and they need it back. The structure asks for your username as well as the username of Snapstreak’s companion.

Friends of this correspondent have successfully used it to reestablish Snapstreaks that have vanished after failing to reach for a day.

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“The Snapstreaks are clingy to an unhealthy degree. In the scene, the host of The Verge’s webcast says, “People truly care about them, and there’s no likeness that on Instagram.” “That must be excruciating.”

The goal isn’t to “feel strained to be ‘great’ or famous” on Snapchat, the representative says.

While Snapchat has a little over 200 million daily users, Instagram Stories surpassed 500 million daily users in January.


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