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Telegram X APK For Android Download Free Latest Version

Telegram x for PC They decided to release an adaptation of their well-known informative program a while back, and they named it Telegram X apk. We’re not sure if we should pronounce it Telegram’s “ex” or Telegram’s “ten,” but Telegram is positioning it as a test clone of the messaging software.

Telegram x apk bought an opt-in customer called Challegram, which they acquired and renamed Telegram.

It is currently accessible for iOS and Android, and you may be wondering what extra features you will obtain with X in comparison to the standard adaption. I’m going to look at the Android versions.

Home user interface

When compared to the standard Telegram client, Wire X has a somewhat different home UI. The dedicated calls option is included in the standard Telegram application’s menu. Talks and calls on Telegram X are separated by tabs, similar to what you see on WhatsApp.


Furthermore, the swipe-right menu on Telegram APK is unique in that it features an excellent material plan menu and has fewer options than the conventional Telegram.

Because of its fluid liveliness, Wire X seems noticeably faster than the normal Telegram iOS.

Night Mode and Bubbles Mode

A dedicated Night mode tab is also available via the menu. This is a great idea that works nicely with OLED panels. Although the basic program does not include a night mode, you may darken your subject inside the settings for a similar effect. A programmed night mode is also available, which uses the light sensor to alternate between night mode and the standard subject shading.

Night Mode and Bubbles Mode Telegram X

Telegram X Apk

There’s a Bubbles Mode choice on Telegram X that mimics the conventional approach for survey messages in the content air pocket structure. This is typical on the regular Telegram app, but on the X variant, you may toggle it off to have the postings appear in a straight line.

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