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Some time ago,telegram x for pc chose to dispatch an adaptation of their well known informing application and they gave it a cool moniker: Telegram X apk. We don’t know whether we should articulate it as Telegram ‘ex’ or ‘ten’ however basically, Telegram is pitching this as a test fork of the informing application.

Obviously Telegram x apk purchased an elective customer called Challegram which they gained and transformed into Telegram .

It is at present accessible on iOS and Android and you may be thinking about what new things you are getting with X contrasted with the normal adaptation. I’ll be looking at the Android variants

Home user interface


Wire X has a marginally unique home UI when contrasted with the normal Telegram application. The customary Telegram application has the devoted calls choice on the menu. On Telegram X, talks and calls are isolated by tabs, which is something you see on WhatsApp.

Furthermore, the swipe right menu is diverse on Telegram APK where it includes the exemplary material plan menu and has less alternatives than what we find on the standard Telegram.

Wire X additionally feels observably quicker than the standard Telegram ios because of its liquid livelinesss.

Night Mode and Bubbles Mode

Night Mode and Bubbles Mode Telegram X

There is likewise a devoted Night mode tab which you can get to by means of the menu. This is very cool and it works very well with OLED screens. There is no night mode on the standard application, yet you can change your subject inside settings to dim for a comparable impact. There is likewise a programmed night mode which utilizes the light sensor to consistently progress between night mode and the customary subject shading.

Telegram App

On Telegram X, there is a Bubbles Mode switch which imitates the standard method for survey messages in content air pocket structure. This is standard on the ordinary Telegram application, yet you can turn it off on the X variation and have the posts show up in a straight line.


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