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Weed Scale 4.20 APK Android Download Free Latest Version

The most mainstream versatile Weed Scale 4.20 application test system for your telephone, precise to 0.1g when utilized appropriately is back.

It is anything but a joke, this versatile scale application test system really functions as long as you adhere to the guidelines!

Weed Scale 4.20 APK Download

Appreciate utilizing you free gauging scale application test system šŸ™‚

Amazing gauging scale application for gems, needles, nails, even weed!

Use it to check the amount you have left! Never be cheated by your provider again with this weed application! Realize precisely the amount you put in your bowl! Turns out best for 1-5g territory.

The Weed Scale 4.20 warnings are back!

Psyche the reality, these are not customary, irritating message pop-ups! These are message pop-ups intended for Stoners! You will get 4:20 warning each day advising you that the weed opportunity has arrived! These will make you love your Weed Scale much more!

Step by step instructions to USE YOUR NEW MOBILE WEED SCALE APP :

  1. Get a pack of chips, crisps, munchies or anything that has some air caught inside and place it on a firm surface
  2. Spot your telephone with advanced scale application firm on the pack and press adjust button
  3. Spot a coin in the predetermined spot (0.05 USD, 0.2 EUR, 100 JPY, 0.2 GBP, 1 PLN) tap portable scale application screen and pause
  4. Put anything you need to burden a coin, tap screen and watch as your portable scale application gauging your stuff šŸ™‚


Latest Version1.0
UpdatedSep 14, 2016
App Uploaded ByAexol
Free Download
CategoryFree Tools App


The application doesn’t gauges objects, yet appraises its weight utilizing gadget’s underlying gyrator (it estimates deviation brought about by setting and article on it and predicts its gauge utilizing numerical problems). If it’s not too much trouble, use application cautiously. Continuously ensure that your gadget won’t sneak off the zip sack or bunch of chips. Try not to put weighty items on your gadget’s screen, this may cause harm of your gadget. The application was intended for use with little items which weighs under 15 grams (0.5 ounce).


Show your help and like WEED SCALE Fan Page.

Utilize this weed application and show us your help. Sanction it! Toke up for precise weed weighting scale application!

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