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WhatsApp Business APK Download Free Latest Version

The Whatsapp Business app is a free tool for official WhatsApp users. The work entails managing various areas of your company’s wallet so that people may communicate with the company over WhatsApp chat. To gain control over WhatsApp, all that is required is to signup.

WhatsApp Business Apk

Features available in WhatsApp Messenger include:

  • Create a corporate account so that consumers can locate crucial information like websites, locations, and contact information.
  • Customers will be attracted to your business if you use Guest Messages to inform them.
  • Support for the fixed phone (and fixed phone): You may use Whatsapp with a fixed phone (and a fixed phone), and consumers can send messages to this account. When you’re finished, go to the [Phone] area to acquire the phone number.
  • RUN WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP AT THE SAME TIME: On the same phone, you may use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger, but each app has its phone number.


NameWhatsApp Business Apk
Latest Version2.22.5.72
App Uploaded By فهد عودة
CategoryFree Communication App
APK FileFree Download

Business Profiles WhatsApp APK:

Business Intelligence with WhatsApp All consumers are served by the business. This contains your business’s address and location, as well as Google Maps links to your stores and offices. A view for business sections, email addresses, and business sections can also be included. Work hours can be arranged through applications.

WhatsApp Business Apk

Main functions and features of Whatsapp:

You may utilize the features of these WhatsApp messengers, but they also include the following characteristics.

  • Create a firm profile with all types of information for people to find: a website, a location, contact information, etc.
  • When the chat begins, Messenger Messages allows you to prepare welcome messages or welcome messages.
  • Support over the phone. This corporate edition, of course, allows you to register a certain phone without having to use another phone.
  • On the same smartphone, texting and business compatibility.
  • You may use the Whatsapp website to communicate with anyone on your computer via the browser or the desktop version of Windows or Mac.

How to Use the WhatsApp Business Apk App:

It’s comparable to using WhatsApp when it comes to using this business app. Organize it on the page when it’s been installed. To check your wallet, follow the steps. If you’re still unsure, contact customer support for more information and operating instructions.


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