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Whatsapp Plus v10 APK Android Download Free Latest Version

There have been texting applications for quite a while. Since they empower individuals all around the world to convey effectively, they are a gift. In the event that these applications didn’t exist, correspondence could never go back, we’d in any case be restricted to texts and calls, which isn’t horrendous, however, isn’t free! .View this app Whatsapp Plus v10 APK all in one app.

Whatsapp Plus v10 APK

A ton of highlights are presented by texting applications like Messenger and WhatsApp. They do, be that as it may, have a few constraints. Along these lines, the organization made Whatsapp Plus V10.30.0 in 2012. New code and another UI were presented by the designer. The application likewise contains more highlights. It’s like WhatsApp, however with greater usefulness! Continue to peruse to find out additional!

What is Whatsapp Plus V10.30.0 Apk?

Envision not having texting applications. It couldn’t be imaginable, could it? They’ve become such a basic piece of our day to day routines that we can’t envision existence without them. That is reasonable in this day and age. For this reason we really want these specialized apparatuses to help us, since we can’t simply fly anyplace in a split second. They do, in any case, have constraints. that is thus that certain individuals chose to make WhatsApp Plus, a much more remarkable texting application.

Essentially, Whatsapp Plus V10.30.0 is a modded variant of WhatsApp, however it has more elements. Other than the conspicuous changes to the logo and the UI, different elements have been added. Be that as it may, the application’s inside structure doesn’t contrast much from the first. That is the reason changing from the first application to this one is no issue! Because of its modded nature, this application can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


NameWhatsapp Plus v10 APK
Latest Version18.90
UpdatedFeb 03, 2022
App Uploaded ByAlexMods
CategoryFree Entertainment App
APK FileFree Download

Be that as it may, Whatsapp Plus V10.30.0 permits clients to choose one of a kind subjects from an assortment of choices. It’s impractical to alter the first application, in any case. Aside fromIn expansion to that, you can now get to more emojis than any other time in recent memory! Effectively express your feelings without talking a word! Moreover, you can’t see your web-based status from your contacts in the first application. You can conceal this in WhatsApp Plus so you don’t need to manage undesirable messages or calls.


There are numerous texting applications accessible, yet WhatsApp Plus is unique. It’s a superior variant of the first application. Accordingly, it’s boss to each and every other texting application available. A portion of its elements include:

Completely adaptable:

You can’t modify anything in the first application. WhatsApp Plus, then again, allows you to modify the whole connection point. Button tones, text tones, and illustrations can be generally modified. This implies that you can without much of a stretch tweak this application to suit your own necessities. The application accompanies north of 700 subjects. Moreover, you don’t need to download every one individually, the application downloads every one of the subjects and sorts them by name, date, and form. Then, at that point, you can pick your top choices.


Emoticons are extraordinary for communicating our feelings without utilizing words. We use emojis when there are no words to communicate how we feel. The first WhatsApp application, in any case, just permits us to utilize emojis. This issue has been settled in WhatsApp Plus, which has a bigger library of emojis. Google Hangouts emojis have been mixed it up. Keep in mind, in any case, that individual WhatsApp Plus clients can see these emojis.

Choices for stowing away:

Originally, you were unable to conceal the way that you were on the web. This presents a great deal of issues assuming you simply wish to peruse and peruse old messages without communicating with them. WhatsApp Plus offers a component that permits you to conceal your status from anybody. You can’t be reached regardless of whether you are on the web!

Choice to share progressed documents:

What’s cool with regards to texting applications is that they permit you to share records effectively with your companions, family, or associates. In the first form, notwithstanding, you could send 16MB records all at once. For the individuals who wish to send greater records, this presents a difficult situation. The new WhatsApp Plus help tackles this issue by permitting clients to send records up to 50MB in size! The way that you can accomplish such a great deal with this element makes it pretty helpful.


This application permits you to erase every one of the unnecessary visits and records that are not required! It just takes one tap to make your application run quicker and liberated from any pointless data!

Computerized reaction:

The auto-answer include is just accessible for WhatsApp business accounts in the first application. WhatsApp Plus, in any case, permits you to answer naturally to anybody you need. It makes life such a ton more straightforward when you can’t get to them right away, particularly assuming you’re occupied.


A wide determination of delightful backdrops is accessible in WhatsApp Plus. You can in a real sense transform your visit divider into any picture, even an individual one, with this element. The connection point of this application can be modified so that you can make it look how you like.

Logs and history:

WhatsApp Plus tracks each action you perform inside the application. In the first application, this is absurd. You can now do significantly more with WhatsApp Plus! On the off chance that somebody got to your record without your authorization and changed a few settings, you will actually want to see this. In the event that you know what you unintentionally different, you can return your settings once again to their unique state.

Styles and textual styles:

WhatsApp Plus likewise offers customization choices for text style styles, shadings, sizes, and shapes. Clients can undoubtedly show their own exceptional style with this element.

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