Wonder Planetes Apk Mod Latest v31 Free Download For Android

Wonder Planetes apk mod for Android, Depending on the gameplay, we traverse layers, fire at aliens, avoid their attacks, and use black holes to transition between layers. You may occasionally even need to battle the boss, in which case you can create a new character to take him out.

You must send them to advertising to obtain the scarce resources needed to boost WiFi. Then you can participate in 1v1 and 3v3 PvP battles while feeling the ground beneath your feet. Depending on the rank you have achieved each season, you will receive rewards.

Wonder Planetes Apk Mod

Wonder Planetes Apk Features 

The game is easy but hard to win

The first level of Wonder Planetes Apk Mod is the only one that requires combat. Any target that is close to the horizontal screen’s surface will be immediately attacked by the character’s chosen weapon.

The player must keep moving to dodge attacks and keep a safe distance by tapping to the left. You can use the rapid slide button to avoid the attack if the circumstances call for it.

There are numerous waves of monsters on each level. The players come up against a massive, formidable boss in the last wave. You’ll have the chance to unlock gold coins after finishing the level.

Additional resources, experience points, and new characters will take you on more thrilling and daring adventures.

Update! Update! And upgrade!

various objects, parts, and machinery! You will have the chance to construct and improve different operators, battleships, and components as the conflict go on. You must upgrade your operator and battleship to take on the formidable bosses of various genres.

images of gorgeous operators! They are only waiting for you to confront them: attractive women. You can gather stunning images of an operator after each victory! Who is in charge of completing the upcoming mission?

That never ends

There are resources for many articles. Quite the tornado! Campaigns that enable you to acquire additional necessary supplies, as well as Essence Laboratories and Research Laboratories, can help you increase the size of your fleet.

To get what you want, you must play the game very carefully. Keep in mind the tasks that give you a lot of things each day and each week.

Heavy PvP competition, Arena!

A PVP arena with 1v1 and 3v3 matches that change with the season. About badges, each one is distinct and appropriate to your rank. Receive incentives for your field season performance.

Beautiful 2D graphics, sexy girls

Even though the game only contains 2D visuals, the creator was highly meticulous and attentive in their design, finishing every stage of the design episode. Therefore, it might be challenging to evaluate a player’s experience, especially through words or effects.


NameWonder Planetes Apk Mod
Latest Versionv31
UpdatedJul 09, 2022
App Uploaded Byenzogames
CategoryFree Games App

About Wonder Planetes Apk Mod

A game of the same name, Wonder Planetes Apk, is based on an anime. The player chooses a team of characters, and the teams advance in a turn-based sequence in this turn-based strategy game. On the battlefield, the player can choose a character’s actions.

B. assault, healing, and other abilities. If the player manages to eliminate a specific amount of adversaries, the war is won.

A mobile game for Android smartphones is called Wonder Planet. You construct armies, conquest other players, and establishment of empires. You might question, “And how?” Well, a turn-based approach is used to play this game. To succeed in the galaxy, you must beat the rival states.

Wonder Planetes Apk Mod

The game also includes a special function called “Human Control.” Utilize it to command your army and colonize additional planets.

It is a wonderful location to unwind and rest. This is a lovely place where you can just unwind, relax, and embark on an exciting trip. This is the ideal location to get away from the stress of daily life.

The moon is a fantastic spot to see the ocean floor. Wonder Planetes is the ideal location to have fun and have fun wherever you want to go.

Wonder Planetes Apk Mod Main Features 

Upgrade! Update! Different objects, parts, and tools

  • You can equip and upgrade various operators, battleships, and components as the fight go on.
  • To combat strong bosses of various types, you must upgrade your battleships and operators!

Pictures of beautiful operators!

The stunning women are anticipating your challenge. You can gather images of sex workers as you advance in the battle! Who will be in charge of the upcoming mission?

Relentless content. Infinite article source. Time flies!

  • expeditions that provide you with more crucial supplies, abstract labs, and research labs you may utilize to fortify your fleet.
  • You’ll play the game resolutely and design whatever you want.
  • Don’t pass up the opportunities you have to learn new things every day and every week!

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