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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

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Zoom Cloud Meetings is an Android application intended to be utilized related to the Zoom Meetings work area application, permitting clients to go to Zoom-based video gatherings.

While more restricted than the Windows application, this Android variant of Zoom Meetings packs in a decent measure of usefulness.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

It’s uninhibitedly accessible for anybody, so there’s no additional expense for associations who as of now use Zoom Meetings.


While the Windows application zeros in additional on record sharing and security, the Android variant is planned for conferencing and informing as it were.

Utilizing pre-buffering innovation, Android clients can see work areas in completely clear goal in almost constant, regardless of whether they’re on a more slow portable association. They can likewise toll in whenever, either through their gadget’s mouthpiece or camera.

Android clients may likewise take part in text visit with colleagues whenever.

During a video gathering, these messages will spring up to every other person present at the meeting. Nonetheless, this element is additionally accessible different occasions.


On the off chance that the client is an individual from a group that routinely uses Zoom’s “group talk” highlight, they’ll have the option to keep awake to date while in a hurry.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

It ought to be noticed that while the work area application actually permits 1,000 individuals to be available, the Android application just backings video conferencing of 100 individuals or less.

The explanation behind this is most Android gadgets have less drive than conventional PCs, and 1,000 members being available in a gathering would probably overpower the gadget, delivering the application pointless. While it is ideal to see this usefulness be fixed to stay reliable with Zoom-based applications others are utilizing, it’s as yet an extraordinary positive development.


Perhaps the best part about the application is that it actually permits clients to view and offer documents over components that chip away at Android.

These incorporate any record sharing administrations that have applications mainstream on the Android commercial center. While Android clients on outside organizations can’t exploit the inward worker record sharing that Windows clients can, there’s as yet a path for them to get important documents out to their groups.

This Android Zoom application additionally permits clients to securely participate in conferencing while at the same time driving. Obviously, it’s perilous to text or hold a telephone while driving.

That is the reason there’s a “protected driving mode” that demoralizes clients from truly holding their telephones during meetings. Be that as it may, particularly when utilized with Bluetooth-empowered vehicle frameworks, they’ll have the option to hear and partake in gatherings simply like they were in a call.


  • Permits clients to participate in conferencing over any association (WiFi, LTE, 3G).
  • Lets clients participate in pretty much every element the Windows form does.
  • Has a one of a kind “out and about” highlight so the individuals who are driving may securely partake.


  • Video meetings are restricted to 100 individuals when those with Android application are allowed to join in (as opposed to the default 1,000).
  • A couple of minor highlights are avoided from the Android application when contrasted with the Windows one.

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