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Online games have gained immense popularity in recent times, and nearly every smartphone features the installation of a Paytm First Game Apk. Now, envision a scenario where you can make money by playing online games through the Paytm First Game APK. If this concept is new to you, rest assured, it’s a reality. Numerous platforms offer incredible opportunities to earn money through online fantasy games. However, with technological advancements come challenges, and it’s essential to ensure that you are using a legitimate gaming platform. If you find it challenging to distinguish between genuine gaming platforms, let’s explore the Paytm First Games App, a financial app, and understand how it sets itself apart from other gaming applications.

Paytm First Game apk

Formerly known as Gamepad, the gaming platform has now rebranded as Paytm First Games Apk, under the well-known umbrella of Paytm, a trusted brand in India recognized for its electronic wallet services.

About Paytm First Games Apk:

True to its name, Paytm First Games Apk is a fantasy gaming application offered by Paytm. Setting itself apart from many other fantasy apps, the Paytm First Games App introduces a unique element of questions, adding an interactive dimension to the gaming experience. This distinctive feature has attracted a substantial user base, as players have the opportunity to earn money by engaging in a variety of games.

The past year has witnessed significant growth on this gaming platform, with over 30 million registered users, half of whom remain active on a regular basis.

Registered users on the Paytm First Games App are presented with the chance to play games and answer questions, with the prospect of winning various prizes such as movie tickets, airline tickets, Paytm cash, and other exciting rewards.

Paytm First Games Apk boasts a diverse collection of over 300 engaging games. Among the popular titles featured on this platform are fantasy cricket, fantasy soccer, fantasy kabaddi, rummy, 8 pool ball, ludo, and live quizzes.

How to Earn Money Playing Paytm First Games Apk:

Similar to Dream11, this application provides users with the opportunity to build their cricket teams. If your team emerges victorious, you can earn Paytm Cash based on your performance. However, Paytm First Games offers more than just cricket. It includes a variety of games such as spin wheel, challenges, math games, trivia questions, and numerous quizzes, providing users with diverse ways to earn rewards and have an enjoyable gaming experience.


NamePaytm First Game APK
Latest Versionv7.9.0
UpdatedDec 6, 2023
DeveloperPaytm First Games
CategoryFree Finance App
APK FileFree Download

To start earning Paytm cash through the Paytm First Game Apk, you need to engage in any of the games available within the application. The platform offers a variety of games, some requiring a nominal fee like 1 or 2, while many others are completely free.

Why Choose Paytm First Game Apk?

  • One of the most compelling reasons to opt for the Paytm First Game Apk is the assurance of a secure gaming experience. As an application affiliated with the trusted Paytm brand, users can have confidence in its integrity.
  • The Paytm First Game Apk stands out with its visually appealing interface, offering a smooth and user-friendly experience that enhances your gaming enjoyment.
  • This application provides an easy avenue to indulge in fantasy cricket without the complexity of intricate features, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  • Users have the flexibility to choose between participating in paid challenges for fun or engaging in free games, catering to diverse preferences.
  • The inclusion of quiz questions within this fantasy application adds an exciting dimension. Answering these engaging quiz questions provides a delightful alternative when taking a break from traditional gameplay.
  • Sport is widely recognized as a form of entertainment, and playing fantasy games through this app offers a fantastic way to derive amusement.
  • The money earned by playing fantasy games on this application can be utilized for various purposes, such as acquiring plane or train tickets, movie tickets, or other valuable services and goods. This adds a practical and rewarding aspect to the gaming experience, extending beyond entertainment.


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